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Wilocity brings multi-gigabit/sec 802.11ad to mobile devices

At the Mobile World Congress, Wilocity  debuted its Wi16300 multigigabit/second wireless chipset.

According to Tal Tamir, co-founder and CEO, Wilocity, the new chipset will give phone users 4.6 Gbps interference-free bandwidth, over 10 times faster than current best-of-breed mobile Wi-Fi. He said it will greatly improve network capacity not only in buildings, but in the many WiFi hotspots that are now common.

“These massive improvements to both speed and network capacity will fundamentally change the way people use their mobile devices today,” he said, “by providing near instantaneous access to the cloud, media upload and download, and allow for cellular network offload.”

He said that capacity is a key need for mobile carriers, especially in crowded locations with many heavy users of mobile data. Additionally, mobile applications such as 4K video streaming, media kiosk downloads, and personal cloud services, are driving the industry to find new alternatives to existing connectivity options.

“The huge performance boost offered by 802.11ad, operating in the 60 GHz band, combined with massive demand growth for Wi-Fi, makes this a natural fit for mobile phone users,” said Tamir.“802.11ad will fundamentally change the way people use their mobile phone to access, view and share their personal media.”

In order to fit nearly 5Gbps into the power and real-estate of mobile platforms, he said company engineers developed an advanced 28 nanometer (nm) chipset with significant reduction in power consumption and size, both critical for mobile platforms. Power use is expected in the 200-300 mW range for streaming video and other typical user scenarios, with idle power consumption < 1mW when 802.11ad is not in use.

The new chipset will be available for sampling in Q3, 2014.

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