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WiMAX network developer raises funds

LONDON — Telabria has secured a first round of funding in excess of £1million from private and institutional sources to be used to develop the company’s WiMAX-class wireless broadband network delivering data and voice services to residential and business customers in South East England.

Telabria (Sittingbourne, U.K.) plans to raise further funds in the coming months and as a result of the latest investment has appointed Trondur Djurhuus and Hans Christian Iversen to the board. Iversen is a partner at Roland Berger, the London-based strategy consultants and has experience in large-scale telecom, technology and me-dia company management.

An early member of the WiMAX Forum,Telabria announced plans in November 2004 to deploy wide area WiMAX-based net-works to provide business-class wireless broadband services for data and voice. It has been constructing a high-capacity backbone of fiber and licensed band mi-crowave links that currently encompasses over 1,300 square kilometers, making it one of the largest WiMAX-class network deployments in Europe.

Telabria also develops and manufactures wireless mesh radio equipment for metropolitan Wi-Fi networks, and public transportation applications providing Wi-Fi access over cellular 3G networks.

One of the participants in Telabria’s initial round is Faroese Telecom (FT), the national carrier of the Faroe Islands. It delivers nationwide fixed and mobile GRPS/EDGE telephony and DSL broadband services, as well as digital terrestrial television (DTT). More recently, FT acquired a national 3.5GHz spectrum for delivery of WiMAX-class wireless broadband services.

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