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WiMAX tool suite

Palo Alto, Calif. — A suite of tools has been developed for creating, analyzing, and troubleshoot OFDM signals in WiMAX designs. The suite includes Signal Studio for WiMAX, the 89600 series vector signal analysis software, the PSA series spectrum analyzer with 80 MHz digitizer, and the advanced communications model set in ADS 2004A. The Signal Studio tool lets designers generate 802.16-2004-compliant signals for test applications. The Advanced Communications Model Set provides modeling components that help designers create WiMAX-complaint signals and simulate OFDM baseband systems. The VSA software lets designers perform demodulation analysis and troubleshooting for OFDM PHY signals. The VSA suite handles all bandwidths with auto-detection of all modulation formats. It also measures all signal formats, frame lengths, guard intervals, and sampling factors.

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Agilent Technologies, www.agilent.com

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