Winbond announces 64Mbit addition to 1.2V SpiFlash memory family -

Winbond announces 64Mbit addition to 1.2V SpiFlash memory family


Winbond Electronics is bringing the power-saving benefits of its 1.2V W25Q-ND series of SpiFlash memory products to a wider range of applications with the introduction of parts with new bigger memory capacities. The W25Q64ND, offering capacity of 64Mbits, will be available for sampling early in 2019. The 128Mbit W25Q128ND is also in development, with customer samples expected by the end of 2019. Winbond already supplies the W25Q80ND 1.2V SpiFlash part in an 8Mbit density.

The 1.2V SpiFlash products offer typical Normal mode and Stand-by mode power savings of 33% compared to equivalent NOR Flash devices running from a 1.8V supply. Strong market demand has been led by manufacturers of wireless and battery-powered devices, in which the ultra-low power operation of the 1.2V SpiFlash memories complements other energy-saving technologies such as the Bluetooth Low Energy short-range wireless networking protocol.

Winbond is introducing the extension of the 1.2V SpiFlash family at its stand at electronica, where it is also displaying new automotive grade NOR Flash products, and its extended-temperature range of high-performance Serial NAND Flash products.

Winbond is also announcing the implementation of a new 32nm process for manufacturing robust Single-Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash products at its fabrication plant in Taichung City, Taiwan. The first 32nm part, now sampling to customers, is the W29N02KV, a 2Gbit ONFi NAND Flash device. The 32nm W25N02KV, a Serial NAND Flash part also in 2Gbit density, will be sampling to customers in the first half of 2019. 

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