Winbond to reveal new-generation ULP mobile DRAM solution -

Winbond to reveal new-generation ULP mobile DRAM solution


Winbond Electronics is scheduled to present a new-generation ultra-low-power (ULP) DRAM at the 2018 electronica. The ultra-low power and high performance of this product make it particularly suitable for wearable and portable devices, or comparable internet-of-things applications. The W948V6KBHX is the first product released by Winbond that carries the latest deep self-refresh (DSR) technology. It has a capacity of 256 Mb and is compatible with the LPDDR standards of JEDEC. Compared with the memory of conventional mobile devices, DSR technology decreases standby power consumption by 40%, greatly extending battery life and enhancing end-user experience.

Battery-powered wearable and portable devices are commonly used in daily life. Among such devices, imaging equipment, such as monitoring systems, require memory exceeding the capacity of embedded SRAMs. The W948V6KBHX, which achieves a balance between high performance and low power consumption, has potential to be the optimal DRAM solution for wearable or portable imaging devices.

The excellent performance of W948V6KBHX has been recognized by numerous IC designers. For example, Realtek Semiconductor has been able to mount it, through the application of system-in-package techniques, on the single-chip microcomputer of a RTL8715A Wi-Fi IP Cam system, thereby offering their clients the lowest power consumption of any IC worldwide without being required to modify existing equipment specifications. Therefore, the W948V6KBHX is the optimal solution for low-power IP camera systems.

In addition to exclusive previous description, W948V6 complies all JEDEC LPDDR specification, including package type (VFBGA60), voltage supply (1.8v), IO width (x16) and operating frequency (166/200MHz). It could work from -40 to 85 °C. At the room temperature of 25 °C, Self-refresh current will be lower down to 25 uA (when chip is only used in 1/16 array).

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