Wind River accelerates OpenSAF-based high availability systems development -

Wind River accelerates OpenSAF-based high availability systems development


Wind River and GoAhead Software have partnered to provide a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for an open source platform integrating industry standards-based high availability and Linux. Wind River is now the preferred integration partner for GoAhead Software’s OpenSAFfire offering and GoAhead Software is Wind River’s preferred partner for commercial OpenSAF (Open Service Availability Framework) solutions.

Wind River has introduced Wind River OpenSAF Quickstart, a professional services and technical support package designed to help customers who are using the OpenSAF open source project for quick prototyping or are struggling with developing their own OpenSAF applications. For developers looking to create high availability middleware solutions using code directly from the OpenSAF project, they can install and configure OpenSAF in a matter of days with Wind River OpenSAF Quickstart.

Developers desiring a commercial solution can look to GoAhead Software. Together Wind River and GoAhead Software are providing a comprehensive and complementary set of solutions for the OpenSAF community. OpenSAFfire implements all major functions of the Service Availability Forum’s Application Interface Specification and also includes important enhancements to improve scalability as well as hardware and software management. OpenSAFfire includes a full implementation of the SA Forum Software Management Framework and Platform Layer Management services, which provide hardware abstraction to ease the management of supporting multiple hardware architectures and facilitates virtualization.

Carrier grade and mission-critical environments commonly found in industries such as networking and aerospace and defense demand high availability systems delivering continuous, uninterrupted service. Open source and standards-based software allow for accelerated innovation, and as high availability systems adopt open source middleware solutions, OpenSAF is fast becoming the standard for high availability middleware. Wind River employs a group of OpenSAF maintainers and experts actively assisting with the OpenSAF project daily activities.

The Wind River OpenSAF Quickstart package is immediately available. More information about Wind River OpenSAF Quickstart is available at

Developers can also use Wind River’s professional services for help in migrating legacy applications to OpenSAF or to modify and extend OpenSAF functionality. Additionally, developers interested in the freely available OpenSAF code can visit the Wind River Developers Network and download a pre-validated layer package of OpenSAF for Wind River Linux at

Wind River is a key sponsor and speaker at the 2011 OpenSAF Conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, May 17-18. For more information about the 2011 OpenSAF Conference, visit

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