Wind River extends processor debugging coverage -

Wind River extends processor debugging coverage


LONDON — Wind River has extended its Workbench On-Chip Debugging with version 3.1.1 providing additional support for Freescale, Intel and RMI processors.

Workbench On-Chip Debugging are a collection of software tools based on the Eclipse framework; Wind River ICE 2, a high-performance, multicore-capable JTAG debug unit; and Wind River Probe, an entry level, portable JTAG debug unit.

Previously its supported processor architectures including ARM, MIPS, Power Architecture, and ColdFire. With the introduction of Wind River Workbench On-Chip Debugging 3.1.1, Wind River will extend support for Freescale's QorlQ P2020, Intel Atom, and RMI XLR' and XLS' processors, among other devices based on ARM, MIPS and Power architectures.

Support for Freescale's processors include the QorIQ P2020, the i.MX35 applications processor for automotive, consumer, and industrial markets, the MPC8536E PowerQUICC III device for gigahertz-class processing within IP network and advanced media processing applications, and the MPC560x processor designed for automotive body and chassis applications.

The xxpanded processor coverage to include Intel Architecture includes Intel Atom processors targeted at low-power devices such as medical, industrial, and consumer devices. Wind River will support additional Intel processors later in 2009.

Wind River Workbench On-Chip Debugging 3.1.1 also offers advanced multicore support for complex RMI XLR and XLS processors, debugging up to 8 cores and 4 threads per core simultaneously, as well as the ability to debug RMI's RMIOS execution environment.

The Wind River On-Chip Debugging solution is targeted for all phases of the development lifecycle, from board bring-up to device driver development, kernel stabilization, and system integration, and is extensible for customers to easily add support for additional device architectures and processors.

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