Wind River, Green Hills extend support for Ada 2012 -

Wind River, Green Hills extend support for Ada 2012


Targeting the same set of developers in the military/aerospace markets, both Wind Rive r and Green Hills have integrated support for Ada 2013 into their development environments.

The Ada programming language is typically used on projects that have real-time constraints, are developed by sizeable teams and require longevity of support. It is widely adopted in the defense sector and in security applications, such as access control.

AdaCore's   GNAT Pro Ada 2012 development environment has been ported for use on the on the Wind River Linux platform. It complements GNAT Pro support for Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS).

This new implementation of GNAT Pro on Wind River Linux supports all versions of Ada (Ada 2012 / 2005 / 95 / 83) and is tightly integrated into the Wind River Workbench development environment, said AdaCore product manager Dr. Pat Rogers.

In such market segments as the aerospace and defense industry, he said, the combination of Wind River Linux and GNAT Pro provides a needed secure development environment.

GNAT Pro for Wind River Linux includes support for the Wind River Linux 4.3 platform, the PowerPC and Power PC e500v2 target platforms, and the Linux host.

Green Hills Software, on the other hand has in AdaMULTI developed the OS agnostic AdaMULTI, a complete integrated development environment for Ada users, who are targeting systems based on ARM processors.

AdaMULTI for ARM is a fully integrated development environment that contains all the tools needed to complete a major programming project, including launcher, project manager, editor, source-level debugger, EventAnalyzer, run-time error checking, code coverage analysis, performance profiler and graphical browser.

It runs on Windows, Solaris and Linux hosts and supports remote debugging for a variety of target environments, including with the Green Hills Probe and SuperTrace Probe for hardware debug and trace.

The AdaMULTI environment can also be used with Green Hills Software’s optimizing C/C++ compilers and other compilers that adhere to ARM Procedure Call and EABI standards.

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