Wind River revs up its Network Acceleration Platform in new release -

Wind River revs up its Network Acceleration Platform in new release

The Wind River Network Acceleration Platform is a multicore acceleration package designed to deliver ultrafast networking performance for network infrastructure equipment. The new version enables greater performance with the addition of packet acceleration for higher-level protocols, including Layer 4 transport protocols such as UDP and TCP. This release expands hardware support for Freescale QorIQ and Intel Xeon next-generation multicore processors. Optimized for multicore silicon, the Network Acceleration Platform allows network performance to scale efficiently with the number of cores in a processor.

Using a multicore asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) approach, the platform enhances the standard Linux networking stack to support high-performance network acceleration capabilities far exceeding what is possible using symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) mode alone. The AMP approach enables packet acceleration that provides as much as 10 times the performance of standard Linux configurations. Unlike point solution software packages that can only remedy a single bottleneck to partially address performance issues, Wind River's Network Acceleration Platform is an integrated solution to help eliminate bottlenecks not only in moving packets through the silicon itself, but throughout the entire networking platform.

Wind River Network Acceleration Platform Highlights

  • This pre-integrated and highly optimized runtime platform offers Wind River Linux, the embedded industry’s most successful commercial embedded Linux distribution, as the control plane operating system.
  • An acceleration network protocol stack is provided for the acceleration plane that uses dedicated processor cores to offload traffic from the main Linux stack, while the overall system behaves like a single networking stack.
  • Applications that are dependent on network throughput are accelerated.
  • Wind River Workbench tools are available for development, run-time analysis and debugging of software running on either the control plane or the acceleration plane. Wind River Workbench works across all Wind River products to provide a consistent interface for monitoring and management.

Wind River will be at Intel Developer Forum 2011, booth #300, showcasing the Network Acceleration Platform along with other products.

For more information about Wind River Network Acceleration Platform, visit the company's network equipment page

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