Wind River to extend safety-critical products to industrial sector -

Wind River to extend safety-critical products to industrial sector

PARK RIDGE, ILL. — Wind River Systems, Inc. (Alameda, CA) today will unveil its new Safe and Secure Program, targeted at extending aerospace-type safety certification to a broader array of industries, including chemical processing, power generation, and transportation, among others.

The new program aims to take the onus of safety-critical certification off developers, and puts it into the hands of the of the software vendor.

“This gives the developer the confidence that the operating system has been tested, has all the necessary documentation, and has been approved by a certification organization,” said Marc Serughetti, director of marketing for automotive, industrial, aerospace and defense at Wind River Systems, Inc. “If they don't use a product like this, then they have to do it for themselves.”

Serughetti said that Wind River has been working with TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc. (Newtown, CT) to certify its VxWorks operating systems for a variety of applications. Certification ensures that the software behaves as specified in accompanying documentation.

Today's announcement by Wind River focuses on two safety-critical platforms. The first, Wind River Platform for Safety Critical Arinc653 (PSC Arinc653), is based on the company's VxWorks AE653 and is designed to support such applications as integrated modular avionics. The second, Wind River Platform for Safety Critical (PSC), is based on VxWorks/Cert and will support IEC61508, a safety certification for industrial controllers for oil refineries, nuclear power plants, and railway signaling systems.

Serughetti said that with pre-certified versions of VxWorks, developers must still certify their own applications to governing bodies, but they don't need to certify their operating system. As a result, he said, they save time and effort, because the certification process can be complex.

“Certification can be very costly,” he said. “It's not within the core knowledge of the developer, especially when they're trying to certify a product that isn't their own intellectual property. It's a lot easier for them if they can get a commercial off-the-shelf that has been pre-certified.”

Pricing for the Wind River Platform for Safety Critical (PSC) has been set at $10,000 per seat, while pricing for the Platform for Safety Critical Arinc653 is $13,000 per seat.

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