Wind River touts platforms for specialty applications -

Wind River touts platforms for specialty applications

SAN FRANCISCO — Device software optimization provider Wind River Systems Inc. Wednesday (Jan. 11) announced three specialized application platforms, including one designed to reduce risk and time-to-flight for aerospace and defense customers. The company also described new solutions for software-defined radio (SDR) applications and providing aerospace and defense customers with support for multiple independent levels of security (MILS).

Wind River (Alameda, Calif.) said the release of Wind River VxWorks 653 v2.1, an enhanced Aeronautical Radio Inc. (ARINC) 653 integrated modular avionics platform for safety-critical systems, delivers enhanced safety and architecture features and enables aerospace and defense device manufacturers to develop integrated modular applications faster and more reliably.

Wind River said its platform for the ARCINC 653 avionics application standard software interface is now fully integrated into the Workbench development environment, enabling the use of industry-standard Eclipse workspace for AIRINC 653 software development and deployment. The company said its aerospace/defense product offerings now include updated versions of all required documentation to support DO-178B certification of operating systems.

Wind River also announced new DO-178B qualified monitoring tools to collect required DO-178B system and application performance data. These monitoring tools support debug and test-for-credit in the certification environment and can be utilized in deployed systems to analyze systems on the ground, the company said, monitoring key system parameters like CPU time, memory usage and ARINC ports.

In addition, Wind River also said it has added an XML-based system for expressing ARINC 653 configuration data, reducing the certification and configuration costs of ARINC 653 systems. This DO-178B qualified development tool verifies correct compilation of ARINC 653 configuration data, eliminating substantial rework and test for system updates and changes, the company said.

In a statement issued by Wind River Wednesday, John Fanelli, vice president of product management and planning, said aerospace and defense systems are shifting rapidly toward standards-based operations while manufacturers are being asked to deliver increasingly complex products.

“Customers need proven solutions that provide for ease of certification and the security to ensure their devices are always interoperable, reliable and reusable,” Fanelli said. “With approximately 40,000 developers using Wind River's platforms, our new enhancements are continued proof of our leadership in delivering a fast, easy, standards-based development platform for commercial and military devices, while also reducing costs.”

Meanwhile, Wind River said separately that the recently released VxWorks 6.2 real-time operating system enables a software communications architecture (SCA) operating environment that helps shift from hardware-centric, proprietary radios, to software-controlled, reprogrammable, standards-based radios that offer maximum flexibility and value. Using VxWorks 6.2, the company said, developers can build SCA-conformant software defined radios for use in joint tactical radio system and other implementations.

Finally, Wind River Systems released a secure VxWorks platform to provide a comprehensive MILS environment for rapid deployment of co-resident secure and non-secure applications on a single MMU-partitioned microprocessor. The platform, the company said, enables systems to be architecture from the ground up to separate data security level and restrict access only authorized users.

Wind River VxWorks 653 v2.1, VxWorks 6.2 and secure VxWorks are available immediately, the company said.

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