Wind River: VxWorks 653 on ARM Architecture -

Wind River: VxWorks 653 on ARM Architecture


Wind River announced that its VxWorks 653 Multi-core Edition is now available on ARM architecture, a move that brings its portfolio of safe and secure platforms to all the major hardware architectures.

Tested and validated on the ARM Cortex-A53 (Xilinx UltraScale + MPSoC), this release provides full 64-bit support for both the virtualization layer and unmodified guest operating systems such as VxWorks 7 and Linux. This ispart of Wind River’s continuing commitment to an evolving microprocessor technology environment.

ARM technology is increasingly to be found in edge computing and high-performance computing applications, with the ARM Cortex-A53 being selected for defense, aerospace, and ruggedized embedded applications for use in space. This is being driven by a need to develop cost-effective solutions that operate at the desired performance levels within a low SWaP envelope.

The release is part of a multi-year commitment to customers to support their demands for safe, secure and reliable hardware support for affordable mission-critical and safety certifiable applications.

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