Windows 7 support added to Libero IDE -

Windows 7 support added to Libero IDE


Actel is providing Windows 7 support in its Libero integrated design environment (IDE) v9.0 Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2.

These latest releases of the toolset also provide features for the SmartFusion intelligent mixed signal FPGAs and RTAX-DSP FPGAs.

Enhancements to the IDE include 32 and 64-bit (x64) Windows 7 Operating System plus x64 Vista and Windows 7 USB driver support for FlashPro3 and FlashPro4 programmers. Libero IDE v9.0 SP1 and SP2 also add first-time Red Hat Linux OS support for designing with SmartFusion FPGAs.

SmartFusion device features include a fabric clock conditioning configurator (Fab_CCC) and programming for the SmartFusion A2F500 device. The Fab_CCC supports the secondary PLL/CCC that is available on the A2F500 device.

Programming support is provided for the RTAX4000D four-million gate radiation-tolerant spaceflight DSP device, which adds embedded radiation-tolerant multiply-accumulate blocks to the RTAX-S product family.

The upgrade enables customers to upgrade to PCs running Windows 7 and be confident that Actel FPGA development tools are fully qualified.

Libero IDE can be downloaded and installed directly from Actel's website. Service Pack 2 download includes all service pack 1 features; users should review both sets of release notes.

The Actel Libero Gold edition is available on Windows 7, XP or Vista free of charge. All editions are one-year renewable licenses. Libero IDE Platinum is $2495 per seat. Node-locked and floating licenses are also available.

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