Windows utility helps drive Fluke 190 Scopemeters -

Windows utility helps drive Fluke 190 Scopemeters


Fresno, Calif.—The AES Setup Shooter from Automotive Electronics Services, Inc . (AES) is software that communicates with popular 190 Series Scopemeter portable oscilloscopes from Fluke . The package supports the Fluke 190B, 190C, 192, 192B, 196, 196B, 199, 199B, 196, 196C and 199C Scopemeters.

As a time-saving menu utility, AES Setup Shooter can recall, retrieve, and store setups, and send them back to the Scopemeter. As you probably surmised, the Shooter runs under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT4.0, Windows 2000 , and Windows XP .

Your PC And Windows

All you need to set it up is one free RS-232 COM port. You can also run it using USB (Universal serial Bus) with a USB-to-serial adapter. Finally, you'll also need one of Fluke's optical RS-232 adapter/cable kits.

Priced at less than $180 a copy, the AES Setup Shooter uses a database for access to diagnostic and set-up information.

The program will let you send (shoot) up to 15 set-ups at one time to the Scopemeter. It will also arrange the set-ups to specific Scopemeter setup memory slots, and it lets you define job-specific set-up groups. The image here is a typical set-up screen.

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But wait. There's more. The AES Setup Shooter will also let you download set-ups, screens, and data point waveforms from a Scopemeter. You can also enter set-up and diagnostic information for each new set-up.The Setup Shooter will also print a reference report of set-ups that are shot to a Scopemeter. And, it will save unlimited setups to your database. It will also help you to create new databases.The program also lets you send e-mail set-ups to other Setup Shooter users, and it gives them the ability to share databases.

Click here to download a demo (16.7-Mbytes) of The AES Setup Shooter.

For more details contact company president Jorge Menchu at Automotive Electronics Services, Inc., 3849 N Fine Ave., #102, Fresno Calif. 93727. Phone: 559-292-7851. Fax: 559-292-3533.

AES , 559-292-7851,

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