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WIRELESS: Cirronet brings Zigbee to machine to machine (M2M) control apps

Atlanta, Georgia – To make it easier for developers of machine-to-machine (M2M) control applications to implement designs based on the Zigbee wireless protocols, Cirronet, Inc. has just released its new ZMN2405HP original equipment manufacturer (OEM) modules.

The new single-chip ZigBee products feature the Cirronet proprietary CSM profile designed to virtually eliminate OEM design engineer programming requirements when adding ZigBee wireless connectivity into their products.

The 65mW ZMN2405HP provides robust performance with exceptionally low power consumption (25dB of output power adjustment is provided through software configuration allowing use under ETS 300328 rules).

Development kits are available through Cirronet's network of distributors including ACAL, Avnet-Memec, Digi-Key, Mouser, NuHorizons and Richardson Electronics.

According to Robert Gemmell, president of Cirronet, the ZMN2405HP is based on TI's CC2430 SoC and runs on the most recent ZigBee 2006 stack approved by the ZigBee Alliance.

The module provides 12-bit ADCs and sleep current of less than 3uA. The module includes 6 GPIO lines, 3 ADCs, 2 DACs, a UART, and a SPI port allowing a variety of sensor inputs or data streams to be sent over the ZigBee network.

The ZMN2405HP module includes the ZigBee 2006 stack and the Cirronet CSM profile. The CSM profile provides a powerful, yet easy to integrate API for the modules allowing OEMs to simply write to the API. According to Gemmell, this eliminates the requirement for OEMs to develop application code for the modules.

The CSM profile includes Network Discovery, Full Serial and I/O functionality, a variety of sleep modes as well as a flexible auto-reporting mode that allows data collection without polling.

He said the modules are suitable for drop-in replacement for and replace the Cirronet ZMN2400HP 2 chip modules, and require little, if any, customer application changes.

Cirronet will provide custom profiles for OEMs or will provide support to customers wishing to write their own stack or profile or can create custom profiles for OEMs. The ZMN2405HP is FCC and ETSI certified as a module.

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