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Wireless data transceiver cuts chip count, extends battery life

Aimed at ISM band applications, a single-chip RF transceiver with notably lowered current consumption can cut the bill of materials by 30%. Atmel's ATA542x tranceiver family is targeting 315-, 345-, 433-, 868-, and 915-MHz bands. The Image Rejection Mixer eliminates a SAW filter, and the Low-IF architecture doesn't require an external IF filter, and the low loss integrated RX/TX switch eliminates need for an external switch. The part is suited for battery-powered applications, such as automatic meter reading, alarm and security systems, home automation systems, and other wireless remote controllers and telemetry systems where low-power consumption and very long range are needed.

Additional features include a SPI port and easy programming, a data rate up to 40 kbits/s, a bit-check in receive mode, a 16-byte data buffer in both transmit and receive modes, and a 4-MHz clock output to feed the companion microcontroller. Prices start at $1.8 in large quantities. For more information, go to www.atmel.com.

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