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Wireless LAN performance comes under the microscope


VeriWave, which has traditionally supplied WLAN testing products for use by silicon and software providers, mobile device developers and network infrastructure specialists, has expanded it offering with WaveDeploy, a strategic lifecycle site assessment solution for 802.11n / mobile IP.

The system uses a combination of hardware and software to analyze network readiness, real performance and the impact of growth and change, with a single pass through a facility. WaveDeploy enables IT managers, systems integrators and installers to tune networks, manage vendors and service level agreements (SLAs), certify new devices and applications, verify compliance, and proactively assess return on investments in mobile data, voice, video and multi-play services.

WaveDeploy is based on VeriWave’s (Portland, OR) real-client generation technology, used by manufacturers in developing WLAN infrastructure equipment and Wi-Fi-enabled user devices.

Unlike traditional 'top-down' site survey tools that map Access Point (AP) signal power and basic ping measurements to try and deduce network quality, WaveDeploy delivers true end-user quality of experience (QoE) measurements. Analysis of performance and interoperability is based on the nature and behavior of client devices and applications running on these devices and their interaction with access points and wired and wireless networks.

WaveDeploy enables measurement and analysis in four critical areas: site assessment, vendor assessment, the 'readiness' of the network for Wi-Fi and/or upgrades, and return-on-investment assessment. For the first time, end-users and IT managers can:

It validates actual traffic on the network while observing the interaction between diverse WLAN clients, all in a single efficient sweep of a site as well as assessing the impact of adding new services, applications and third-party devices.

Is my network ready for voice over WLAN? – MOS scores measured from actual voice traffic.

For 'what if' planning WaveDeploy create predefined eco-system traffic suitable for environments such as hospitals, corporate offices, education facilities, retail and residential. The tester walks floor taking measurements in presence of eco-system traffic.

The WaveDeploy solution is available in three distinct flavors. WaveDeploy Basic is a free download or one mobile-device measurements and reports TCP downstream speed, power (RSSI), and co-channel interference.

WaveDeploy Pro handles 10 mobile-devices and adds voice, Video QoE and performance measurements as well as UDP traffic. It measures loss, jitter, client roaming, and SLAs.

WaveDeploy Expert can handle over 300 mobile-devices and includes VeriWave-generated 'golden clients' configured to testers’ specifications and well as adding ecosystem testing, 'what-if' scenarios, and network roaming. It also provides WaveDeploy Ethernet which adds a wired network perspective. The price is determined by scale and ecosystem test requirements and it is due to be available in summer 2010.


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