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Wireless LAN solution helps converged data and voice


The Summit Wireless Mobility solution, developed by Extreme Networks, is a wireless LAN platform that simplifies the deployment and operation of enterprise-class wireless LANs. The Summit WM-series switches and Altitude 350 Access Points help developers build and manage advanced wireless infrastructures that can support multiple types of connections from guests to legacy devices to today's latest converged applications.

The solution integrates with existing wired networks and doesn't require extensive network reconfiguration, topology changes, or client software to deliver advanced features. With capacities of up to 200 access points per switch, the Summit WM1000 switch easily scales to support large WLAN installations. Remote offices can be supported without a local controller. Simply configure an Altitude 350 access point to locally bridge traffic and obtain centralized management and continuous service even when the connection to the central switch has been lost.

Prices start at $16,995 for the Summit WM100 and $32,995 for the Summit WM1000. Both are available now. For more information, visit www.extremenetworks.com.

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