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Wireless protocol stacks


It used to be the case that the ability to communicate wirelessly was a uniquespecialty among computing systems. These days it is rapidly becoming an expectedfeature, something that is assumed. An engineer is more likely to be called upon to explain the reason for a lack of wireless communications rather than to justify adding it to a system under design.

This situation has been driven by the ubiquitous acceptance of wireless communications among laptop and handheld computers, as well as the massive presence of cellular communications. This works quite nicely if you happen to be working in the PC world or in a specialized area such as cellular handset design, but what if you are in the business of making specialized embedded systems doing anything else?

This paper concentrates on the details of wireless protocol stacks that are useful to engineers that need to dig deeper into the technology than the typical application programmer. The goal is to allow you to use these stacks to their fullest potential in the specialized systems you are designing.

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