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WIRELESS/RF: All-in-one module provides WLAN for smart meters


The Alps Electric Europe GmbH (Duesseldorf, Germany) UGFZ1 series is an all-in-one WLAN module for wireless networks.

The module’s built-in CPU and networking protocol is combined with low energy consumption to ease setup of sensor or other device networks, such as those used for smart meters.

Alps wireless LAN module integrates the GainSpan-developed compact GS1011 chip featuring an antenna, Wi-Fi protocol and connection applications.

In addition, the module provides a UART physical interface, ADC, IC, PWM, and GPIO analog/digital port which allow direct connection with devices such as humidity and lighting sensors.

The product’s internal CPU chip eliminates the need for a host CPU or development of a network stack on the set device side.

The module is able to operate for up to 10 years on a single AA type lithium thionyl chloride battery. The UGFZ1's serial interface connection allows wireless LAN capability to be integrated into devices and systems not originally equipped for networking.

The module is suitable for medical instruments, healthcare devices such as weight scales, and real-time locating systems serving logistics and entry control management.

The UGFZ1 series is certified for use in Japan as a stand-alone module with built-in antenna.

Alps Electric Europe GmbH

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