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WIRELESS/RF: Front-end module for GPS applications cuts current consumption

LONDON — Infineon Technologies AG's BGM781N11 GPS module boosts sensitivity to enable, for example, E911 emergency call requirements for mobile phones, personal navigation devices and other handheld systems, and GPS applications in vehicles.

Including all key components to amplify a GPS signal and filter out interference, the module measures 2.5mm x 2.5mm x 0.7mm in size, which Infineon says is more than 60 percent smaller than the closest competitive product offering a similar integration level.

The BGM781N11 GPS receive front-end module integrates one GPS low noise amplifier (LNA) and two surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters with high electrostatic discharge (ESD) ruggedness in a leadless TSNP11-2 package.

Only two external passive components are required in a GPS application which Infineon says compares to typically between six and ten passives in competitive solutions. The BGM781N11's power consumption is 5.94 mW and its supports a power supply range between 1.5V and 3.6V.

With 8kV ESD contact discharge integrated at the RF input pin, manufacturers of GPS-enabled devices can easily achieve system ESD requirements (typically 8 kV) without additional ESD protection devices. The GPS receive front-end module offers a gain of 18.6dB which is more than 20 percent better than the 16.5dB of current competitor solutions.

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