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Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Vehicles using SPI


Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is implemented in the vehicles to monitor the variations in tire pressure. The safety of driving improves as TPMS automatically detects the tire pressure, temperature in real- time and warns the drivers to take measures which prevents bursting of tire thereby avoiding the possibility of an accident.

This paper discusses the design of vehicular tire pressure monitoring system using sensors. Also reviews the influence of tire pressure and temperature on traffic safety and environmental protection. In order to improve the functionality of TPMS the use of Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is suggested here.

TPMS uses the pressure sensor to monitor the tire pressure in the automobile, and then transmits the observed value through the transmitter module, while receiver module receives the pressure information.

When the pressure value is higher than or lower than the permissible normal range, the system sends out warning signal to the driver. The wireless transceiver module which transmits or receives radio-frequency signals is interfaced with microcontroller unit using Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) bus.

The tire pressure monitoring module or transmitter module is composed of MPXM2202 pressure sensor, LM 35 temperature sensor and the ATMega16 microcontroller. The pressure sensor MPXM2202 is responsible of monitoring tire pressure and temperature is measured by LM 35. The ATMega16 chip is used as the controller for tire pressure monitoring module. It receives the signal from pressure sensor and transmits the data to the host receiver via wireless RF communication.

Data is exchanged between transmitter and receiver sections by using SPI. This protocol is mainly used because it allows serial communication between two or more devices at a high speed up to 10 Mbps. It is reasonably easy to implement as it is only 4 wired bus

Finally, the performance of the system has beens tested and analyzed. The test results show that it meets the needsof practical applications.

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