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Wireless USB projector reference design is production-ready


Mountain View, Calif.—Artimi Inc., a developer of high-speed wireless semiconductors for portable consumer electronics, and DisplayLink Corp., a provider of network display technology, jointly announced the availability of a complete production-ready, easily integrated Wireless USB projector reference design, targeted at both future projectors and the legacy installed base.

Using DisplayLink's USB graphics technology and Artimi's Wireless USB products, the reference design enables high throughput, easy-to-use wireless projection via aftermarket adapters or embedded modules, or any combination of the two, replacing the VGA cables currently used to link the PC to the projector, and providing wireless convenience to the user.

Employing Artimi's Zero Install technology, the reference design offers multi-PC boardroom users plug & play high frame rate data projection at resolutions up to 1280×1024, without the need for driver installation. Visitors or corporate PCs with restricted security policies can still benefit from simple wireless connectivity, by plugging in a Wireless USB adapter to connect directly to the projector.

Consisting of two components, a PC-side USB adapter and a projector-end adapter, the reference design uses Wireless USB and generates an industry standard VGA or DVI output to the projector. The projector-end adapter can be easily integrated into the projector, or implemented as an external or aftermarket adapter, to address the installed base of corporate LCD and DLP projectors.

Based on Artimi's A-150 chip, the production-ready reference design supports notebook PCs with integrated Certified Wireless USB.

Pricing: $3,000.
Availability: Now.

Artimi, www.artimi.com

DisplayLink, www.displaylink.com

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