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WirelessHD chipsets debut at CES

Las Vegas—SiBEAM Inc. announced that its WirelessHD-based transmitter and receiver CMOS chipsets and its WirelessHD Development Kit will be made available to select customers in the first quarter of 2008.

Delegates of the 2008 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas will witness the WirelessHD products with OmniLink60 technology from SiBEAM.

The WirelessHD chipsets, the SB9120 network processor and the SB9110 RF transceiver chipset act as the transmitter for devices such as DVD players, set-top-boxes and media center PCs. The SB9121 networks processor and the SB9111 transceiver chipset act as the receiver or devices such as digital televisions and front projectors.

The chipsets deliver true, lossless uncompressed A/V at 1080p. The 60 GHz band offers the spectral availability for true uncompressed HD video, audio and data transmission, scalable to future HD A/V formats.

SiBEAM's transmitter and receiver chipsets employ SiBEAM's Omnilink60 advanced adaptive beam-forming systems that dynamically steer content to the specific receiving station, maintaining stable connectivity.

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SiBEAM Inc., www.sibeam.com

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