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WLAN modules fit cell phones

Wireless LAN technology has begun to creep into the latest cell phones. To that end, SiGe Semiconductor has developed a completely integrated WLAN RF front-end module, specifically aimed at digital handsets. The RangeCharger SE2551A and SE2557A promise that handset makers can support WLAN capability without impacting handset form factor, performance, or battery life.

The two module are based on the company's proven 2.4-GHz RF front-end architecture, with each device incorporating a linear three-stage power amplifier, power detector, digital enable circuitry, transmit and receive filtering, and a receive balun in a small form factor (6 by 5 by 1.4-mm chip-scale package). The difference between the devices is that the SE2551A offers a differential receive output, while the SE2557A is built with a single-ended receive output.

The modules each allow simultaneous transmission and reception of WLAN and cellular signals. Operating in 802.11g mode, they consume 120 mA. The SE2551A and SE2557A are sampling now, with production scheduled for the third quarter. Each sells for $2.29 in lots of 10,000. For more information, go to www.sige.com.

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