Workbench enhances ARM debug support -

Workbench enhances ARM debug support


IAR Systems has improved the support for the ARM family of microcontrollers in the IAR Embedded Workbench. The latest version of the IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, which is based on IAR's technology platform, supports a range of RDI-based JTAG debuggers.

In addition to the Raven and Wiggler JTAG interfaces from Macgraigor, the Workbench now supports RDI-based JTAG debuggers such as ARM Multi-Ice, Ashling OPELLA, EPI MAJIC, MAJIC-MX and MAJIC-PLUS, Abatron BDI1000/BDI2000 and Aiji OPENice32-A900.

It provides ARM users flexibility coupled with efficient code generation, regardless of the application area.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) November 2002

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