Workshop looks at body sensor networks -

Workshop looks at body sensor networks


LONDON — lssues relating to the use of wearable/wireless and implantable sensors are to be covered at an event to be held at Imperial College, London on April 12 and 13.

The International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks will bring together scientists from computing, electronics, bioengineering, medicine and industry in order to discuss the latest technological developments and clinical applications of body-sensor networks.

Despite the technological developments of sensing and monitoring devices or healthcare and the use of wearable/wireless devices for clinical applications, issues related to system integration, sensor miniaturisation, low-power sensor interface circuitry design, wireless telemetric links and signal processing have still to be investigated. Moreover, issues related to quality of service, security, multi-sensor data fusion, and decision support are active research topics.

On the day before the workshop (April 11) a platform tutorial will provide an introduction to body sensor networks, describe BSN hardware architecture and sensor board design, introduce the major concepts required to program Tiny OS applications, provide a hands on session on sensor data acquisition with the BSN node which will illustrate how to build, debug, and run Tiny OS applications.

The tutorial will also explore how to use BSN sensor board for building wireless sensing applications, and a session on wireless data path and sensor message hopping which will introduces the concept and theory of packet broadcasting, how to form wireless sensor network, and issues related to message hopping. It will also illustrate a simple multi-hop data propagation method that allows data to be collected by a central location.

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