Workshop to aid PCB manufacturers -

Workshop to aid PCB manufacturers


LONDON — Electronics Yorkshire is to to host an IPC Design for Manufacture workshop at their headquarters in Leeds on April 17.

This workshop will provide a opportunity to obtain information on design issues that affect electronics manufacturing and will acquaint designers with increasingly sophisticated printed circuit board fabrication technologies.

Dieter Bergman, Director of Technology Transfer at IPC in America, will lead the workshop and address trade-offs for designs that have both though-hole and surface mount components; the differences between rigid and flexible printed boards and the tolerance characteristics that make sense using the capabilities of today’s manufacturing equipment.

Electronics Yorkshire has recently expanded the range of IPC certificated courses it can offer to both trainers and technical staff with the introduction of 600G PCB Acceptability course and the organisation was also recently granted authorised distributorship for standards and training materials from both IPC and BSI.

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