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World’s smallest x86 mainboard?

Taipei, Taiwan—VIA Technologies Inc. has unveiled the VIA EPIA PX, the first commercial mainboard based on its recently introduced Pico-ITX form factor measuring 10-cm x 7.2-cm.

For a full story on the Pico-ITX form factor, click here.

Powered by the 1-GHz VIA C7 processor and supporting up to 1-Gbyte of DDR2 533 SO-DIMM system memory, the tiny 10-layer VIA EPIA PX mainboard is based on the single-chip VIA VX700 system media processor.

The VIA VX700 features the VIA UniChrome Pro II IGP 3D/2D graphics core, MPEG-2/-4 and WMV9 hardware decoding acceleration and display flexibility, including support for higher display resolutions of up to HDTV for HD-DVD playback.

Onboard connectors and I/O enable developers to harness the full power of the mainboard though the VIA PX-O, a dedicated daughterboard with multiple digital media I/O ports.

Power efficiency is integral to the platform, with the maximum power (TDP) of the processor and chipset at 9W and 3.5W, respectively. When combined with low power DDR2 memory, VIA EPIA PX can run standard productivity and multimedia applications at less than 13-W.

This scale of platform miniaturization has been made possible only by the reduction in size of the core silicon. The 21-mm square nanoBGA2 package of the VIA C7 processor and 35-mm square VIA VX700 system media processor have a combined area of just 16.7cm2, a board real estate saving of more than 50% from previous generation EBGA processors plus twin-chip core logic products, and more than that over competing products, according to VIA.

Availability: Now for developers; in limited quantities through authorized distributors in late May.
Datasheet: click here.

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