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Würth Elektronik eiSos presents new catalog of electromechanical components

An unbelievable 1,098 pages thick – the new, expanded catalog of electromechanical components from Würth Elektronik eiSos. The new edition of the directory, available in English, lists information on 12 standard product groups, including many innovations. All components featured in the catalog can be ordered from stock anytime and no minimum order quantity is needed.

The board-to-board connectors boast additions to the WR-BTB and WR-PHD product families, both of which are specially designed for SMT assembly and to withstand the heat of the reflow soldering oven. Also released are connectors for data connections that can be used between the cable and circuit board: the REDFIT IDC SKEDD connector. The patented connection technology of this plug is ingenious: It enables space-saving, solder-free and reversible signal connections. The plugs get by without jacks – contacted drilled holes in the board are sufficient.

The product range of USB plugs has been expanded with a series of THR/SMT variants, so now there are products for both assembly processes. Low profile modular jack variants with and without LED have been supplemented, too. The product group of terminal blocks has grown and a series of particularly compact solutions has been added to the switches and keys. In the field of connection technology, the portfolio is enhanced with another SMD spacer with additional dimensions.

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