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Würth: precise constant current generation with DC/DC converters


MagI³C Power Modules from Würth Elektronik are DC/DC converters with integrated controller IC, inductors and capacitors. Using the “MagI³C Power Supply Reference Design”, the manufacturer now demonstrates the ease with which an adjustable current or voltage source can be built with a MagI³C Power Module. The board is based on the MagI³C VDRM (Variable Step Down Regulator Module) to which two additional control loops have been added.

The design is aimed at various applications that require an adjustable power source: The reference design generates a constant voltage with an adjustable maximum current on the one hand, or can be set to generate a constant current with adjustable maximum voltage on the other. In the two operating modes, the output voltage can be set from 0 to 15 V and the current from 0 to 2.5 A. The input voltage range is 7 to 36 V. LEDs on the board indicate the voltage regulation mode, current regulation mode and a missing output voltage. The output voltage and output current are conveniently set on two potentiometers.

The reference design can be used as a driver for white, infrared and ultraviolet power LEDs or as a battery charger for lead, NiCd, NiMH or lithium-ion batteries. It can be used as super cap charger and mini lab power supply.

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