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X-HYP for ARM processors enables multiple OSes on a single platform

X-HYP Hypervisor from MNIS Technologies is an embedded hypervisor (type 1) for the ARM family architecture that lets you run multiple operating systems at the same time on a single platform while ensuring a hardware-based isolation between them. In safety-critical systems, the safety-certified and noncertified components of the system traditionally must be physically separate, usually requiring multiple individual systems to achieve such separation. Embedded virtualization and multi-core CPUs offer the opportunity to move existing application stacks to new platforms without the efforts necessary to port single-core applications to multi-core CPUs. It opens up new opportunities for cost savings through hardware consolidation

In addition to its ability to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same hardware platform while ensuring a complete time and space isolation, X-HYP allows you to choose the scheduling algorithm upon its configuration. You aren't blocked any longer on POSIX, EDF or ARINC standards, but instead, you can customize your hypervisor to your own user’s needs.

X-HYP is DO-178 certifiable for safety critical embedded systems, automotive, and aerospace type using an ARM processor.

X-HYP is available in Open Source Version (GPL) and in a commercial version.

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