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X SPEX: video recorder board replaces frame grabber, display controller and text generator


At Embedded World, X SPEX presents the DIRIS video recorder boards with extended functions and new interfaces. Different video inputs make DIRIS Boards suitable for multiple applications: CVBS/S-Video, YPbPr, HDMI/DVI, HD-SDI, Camera Link, BCON.

DIRIS Boards can do a lot more than just video recording, such as control by resistive and capacitive touch panel; horizontal mirror, vertical mirror, 180° turn of video inputs; digital zoom (freely configurable steps); Picture-in-Picture display; 180° turn of output incl. overlay elements and touch control; multi line overlay text; EN + PWM für camera light and display backlight; battery charge management for mobile devices. Thus, the DIRIS Board replaces multiple common components, e.g. frame grabber, light control, display controller and text generator. This enables smaller devices with less complex manufacturing.: A flexible OEM configuration regarding all graphics, TTF font, colour selection, menu structure, all texts (different selectable languages, too) enables individual adaptation to requirements, branding and corporate identity of different OEM customers.

In addition to configuration of the software, hardware assembly options enable flexible adaptation to customers specific product requirements. Thus, DIRIS Boards provide an ideal combination of reliability and time-to-market of a standard product with the flexibility similar to customer specific developments.

The core function of video recording is enhanced by multiple additional features such as Auto-Split, Pre-Trigger, Take photos during video recording, IP Streaming, internal FTP Server, push service to an external FTP server. DIRIS-Boards are the ideal core component for all devices needing video recording and visualization. They enable minimal effort for development and production.

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