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X: Windowing for Embedded Systems

The X Windowing system has all but conquered the UNIX workstation world, and is beginning to make serious inroads into the MSDOSlWindows/whatever worlds as well.

New tools and support are announced almost on a daily basis, with the announcements couched in an alphabet soup of acronyms that is impressive even by the standards of the computer industry.

The gist of the trend is that UNIX has finally become useable by the mortals among the computer population, due to a user interface that decrypts the infamous UNI X command line. This is certainly a Good Thing, but, in the time-honored tradition of self interest (so what's in it for me?) some embedded systems programmers are asking themselves whether this X phenomena holds any promise for the specialized world they inhabit.

In this article, I will attempt to show that X does indeed hold some interesting opportunities for embedded systems.

ESC_1991_Vol1_Page362_Mittag – X- Windowing for Embedded Systems.pdf

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