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Xdensity 32-port load module eases high-port-count testing


The Xdensity high-port-count 10GE load module from Ixia is suitable for testing ultra-high density converged data centre fabrics. It has 32 ports on a single slot load module, scaling up to 384 ports in a single Ixia XM12 chassis to deliver 3.84 terabits of test traffic.

Xdensity uses a hardware-based design to produce multiple terabits of wire speed traffic and precise latency measurements, at scale, that are unmatched in the testing industry. Xdensity’s high port count per load module reduces both the total power consumption and total footprint of a large test bed.
When combined with Ixia’s IxNetwork test application the need for reducing the complexity of large scale testing is met by high-scale layer 2-3 traffic generation, straightforward large-port test configuration setup and highly-integrated automation.

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