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Xilinx extends Zynq RFSoC UltraScale+ devices


Xilinx has annnounced its enhanced Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC featuring improvements over their GEN 1 Zynq solution (See Xilinx fires a 5G solution shot across the bow of RF and data converter companies) . This solution will further enable 5G deployment with this flexible, multiband radio. The following figure illustrates the family generational advances. 

Figure 1 Zynq Gen 1 and roadmap for Gen 2 and Gen 3 (Image courtesy of Xilinx)

GEN 2 enhancements offers improved RF input performance to 5GHz for a 16×16 configuration and scalability from the base portfolio 16×16 solution. There are engineering samples available right now with production planned for June 2019 to meet China and Japan needs in 2020.

Figure 2
RFSoC GEN 2 with up to 6 GHz of RF sampling (Image courtesy of Xilinx)

Coming in 2020, GEN 3 will feature extended RF performance including a full sub-6 GHz Direct-RF performance at 14 bits; a 20% power reduction in RF-DC for the TDD use case; and extended mmWave interfacing. The improvements over Gen 2 include increased ADC sample rate at 5 Gsps and DAC at 10 Gsps. The new generation will offer a reduced BOM, lower system cost, and simplified design with greater flexibility. Samples will be available in 2Q2019 with production in 3Q 2020.

For more information, visit the Xilinx website.

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