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XJTAG seeks cooperation on App for scopes

XJTAG, a supplier of boundary scan development systems compliant with IEEE 1149 standards, is one step closer to integrating its debugging software XJAnalyser with an oscilloscope, following talks with several leading manufacturers.

With ball grid arrays (BGAs) becoming more prolific, engineers are increasingly looking for a cost-effective solution that can allow them to debug their boards. XJAnalyser enables the user to see the logical state of the BGA device. An engineer can then see a visual indication of the current state of a pin and has the ability to change its condition.

XJAnalyser can also make a pin oscillate allowing an oscilloscope to trace out a signal that originates under a BGA.

XJTAG is now looking to take this further by working in partnership with other manufacturers to develop an integrated product – with the 'XJAnalyser App' included as standard.

Building on its technology partnership program, XJTAG is interested to hear from other test equipment manufacturers who would like to extend their test capability to include a boundary scan testing solution within their products.

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