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XMC mezzanine card features advanced graphics


Edison, N.J.—Thales has introduced the XMC-G72, a second generation dual head graphics XMC mezzanine card aimed at avionics and military applications such as terrain overlay systems, graphic consoles, and where rendering of several live video channels is required.

Thales's XMC-G72 is a dual head graphics XMC mezzanine card suitable for any x8 PCI-express XMC compliant single board computer such as the Thales' single or twin Dual-Core Intel Xeon ULV 6U VME SBC, the PENTXM2 and PENTXM4.

The XMC-G72 features graphics performance, 128MB on-chip GDDR3 memory and low power dissipation of the M72-CSP128 graphics controller from AMD/ATI technology. The M72-CSP128 graphics controller supports 2D and 3D acceleration as well as DirectX and OpenGL. The XMC-G72 mezzanine card features dual independent displays through two front connectors. Both digital DVI and CRT or dual CRT is offered. The rugged conduction-cooled build version of the XMC-G72 routes the digital DVI video output to the Pn4 rear I/O connector of the mezzanine.

The XMC-G72 interfaces with the single board computer using an x8 PCI-express link that peaks at 2.5 GB/s. This high throughput interface between the host CPU and the graphics controller significantly improves the performance of applications that intensively use bitmap transfers.

Availability: Samples of the commercial build version of the XMC-G72 are currently available and the card will be available in volume early in March 2008. The rugged, conduction-cooled version will be available in the second quarter of 2008.
Datasheet: click here.

Thales Computers, 1-972-764-5106, www.thalescomputers.com

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