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XMOS adds Modbus and CANopen solutions to xCORE


XMOS has added Modbus and CANopen xSOFTip blocks to the embedded industrial communications capabilities supported by the xCORE family of multicore microcontrollers. The addition of these new soft peripherals allows designers to integrate these commonly-required protocols in their xCORE-based embedded designs, alongside a wide range of other industrial communications standards, and timing-predictable, jitter-free control code. This flexibility of configuration allows embedded designers to build systems with the exact combination of interfaces and control capabilities needed for their applications.

CANopen and Modbus, (which is available from XMOS in both Ethernet/TCP and serial/RTU variants), join a wide variety of protocols and interfaces already available as part of the XMOS xSOFTip peripheral library. These include CANbus, RS485 and LIN, as well as standard and time-stamped Ethernet, both of which are making rapid inroads in industrial markets. Together with the modular sliceKIT development system, industrial serial bus (IS-BUS) I/O sliceCARD, and associated xTIMEcomposer Studio development tools, XMOS provides everything developers need to rapidly create a broad range of industrial products.

xCORE devices deliver the features and functions of a real-time operating system, (RTOS), in hardware blocks within the multicore architecture. As a result they combine flexible and time-sensitive communications capabilities with the ability to implement timing-and-latency-critical control functions. This makes xCORE perfect for demanding applications that need to close multiple asynchronous control loops in real time, and which require distributed intelligence and communication over real-time networks.

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