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XMOS open sources A/V bridging spec reference design


Bristol, UK – In a move to accelerate the adoption of the AVB (Audio Video Bridging) standard into a wide range of media devices, XMOS is transferring its entire AVB software reference design into the XCore Open Source Project.

The company claims it is the industry’s first open source implementation of the popular audio/visual streaming over Ethernet standard. The AVB software implementation has been optimized for high performance audio end-nodes based on XMOS event-driven embedded processors.AVB protocols, digital audio interfaces and control software have all been integrated into a single low cost device.

The XMOS open software has been extensively tested for A/V device interoperability in customer products and at AVnu Alliance plugfests.The XCore Open Source project contains a wide range of XMOS and developer contributed software-based peripherals, applications, hardware reference designs and tools.

The entire AVB application is made available under a license derived from the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License. This business-friendly license enables developers to decide which hardware and software enhancements to contribute back to the XCore Open Source project.

All proprietary developer code is fully protected.XMOS will be exhibiting reference platforms using the AVB open source software at the InfoComm trade show, June 15-17. To learn more, go to www.xmos.com or github.xcore.com.

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