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XMOS’s sliceKIT enables flexible multicore MCU development

sliceKIT from XMOS encompasses a range of modular development boards and software for designers deploying the company’s xCORE range of multicore microcontrollers in real-time industrial, consumer and automotive applications. sliceKIT consists of a core board powered by a 16-core xCORE multicore microcontroller and has four expansion slots that can be populated with I/O extension cards (or ‘slices’). XMOS offers a wide range of standard slices, such as Ethernet, UART, ADC, LCD graphics and digital audio.

sliceKIT is closely integrated with the company’s recently announced xTIMEcomposer Studio integrated design environment, and xSOFTip soft peripherals. The xCORE family and associated design tools allow developers to work on real-time embedded applications using a unified design flow that is familiar to any software engineer. xCORE devices are configured with xSOFTip IP blocks and programmed in C, with real-time extensions, via the same flow.

Based on the 32-bit xCORE L2 multicore microcontroller, the sliceKIT core board delivers up to 1000 MIPS performance that can be dynamically shared across up to 16 cores. This allows the device to support multiple, concurrent, real-time tasks that are completely deterministic. sliceKIT incorporates unique on-board real-time debugging capabilities that allow designers to perform timing-accurate analysis on the performance of their application code.

sliceKIT is initially available as a starter kit costing $139, consisting of the L2 multicore processor board, GPIO and Ethernet slice cards, plus the xTAG real-time debug adapter. Like all XMOS’ development kits and multicore microcontrollers, it is supported by xTIMEcomposer Studio. This comprises an industry standard integrated design environment, a highly efficient LLVM compiler, debugger, the xSOFTip configuration tool, cycle-accurate simulator with waveform view, and the xScope high speed in-circuit instrumentation and timing analyzer. All documentation, tools and xSOFTip are available free of charge on PC-Windows, Mac-OS and Linux platforms.

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