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XTX Consortium adds new members


LONDON — More embedded computer module manufacturers have joined the XTX consortium. Membership has increased to eleven companies with the addition of Advantech, Evalue, and MarekMicro.

The consortium was set up at the end of February 2005 with IBSmm Industrieelektronik Multimedia, Embedded Logic, and Congatec as founding members. Other members include Evalue Technology, Alcom Electronics, Bressner Technology, GERSYS, PSE Elektronik.

XTX is the expansion of the ETX standard through the addition of PCI Express, Serial ATA, as well as other function. It is seen as the logical extension of the well established ETX standard. With XTX, the newest I/O technologies are implemented on a proven form factor. By eliminating the ISA bus, which is barely used by today's applications, the ETX X2 connector is free for new serial buses such as PCI Express and Serial ATA.

All other signals on the X1, X3, and X4 connectors remain compatible with the ETX standard (Rev. 2.7). ISA functionality can be implemented on the baseboard via a PCI-ISA bridge or the LPC bus. The mechanics are absolutely unchanged, even the cooling concept via the uniform heat spreader is standard in the XTX specification.

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