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Yorkshire training centre gains international reputation


LONDON — The latest group of European students to make use of training provided by Electronics Yorkshire came from Delphi Grundig, based in Braga, Portugal.

Manuela de Freitas, Cristiana Quintela and Maria Sa Alve, came to the U.K. for a five-day IPC training course covering the rework, modification and repair of printed circuit assemblies. They will shortly be followed by trainees from other companies in Ireland, Italy and Turkey.

Electronics Yorkshire’s training centre in Leeds is accredited by IPC, the body which sets international standards for electronics training and quality assurance.

Since returning home the staff from Delphi Grundig’s production section in Portugal have created an audio-video show of their time at Electronics Yorkshire which they presented to the company and also showed to work colleagues.

“This is a great place to learn, the training is concentrated and highly relevant to what we do at Delphi Grundig. We would all welcome the opportunity to return to study other aspects of electronics and gain further qualifications,” said de Freitas.

During their course they learned how to remove, repair and replace a variety of components to the original standard of the assembly. Training also included the repair of and modification to, wires, terminations and connectors – all skills which will be carried over into their work with Delphi Grundig.

“Staff trained and qualified to this level provide an assured quality standard to a company’s products. This standard is accepted by multi-national OEMs, aerospace and defense contractors and many smaller electronics production companies. The certification demonstrates a company’s commitment to customer requirements and greatly assists those firms dedicated to ISO-9000 or other quality assurances initiatives,” said Peter Burnley, training centre manager at Electronics Yorkshire.

“Delphi Grundig were impressed by the scope of our operation and, of course, they were delighted when their staff each returned home with an IPC 7711/7721 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) Rework Modification and Repair Printed Circuit Assemblies qualification,” added Burnley.

Peter Burnley, training centre manager at Electronics Yorkshire is pictured with the employees from Delphi Grundig, Portugal – Manuela de Freitas, Cristiana Quintela and Maria Sa Alve.

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