Young adds Maxwell capacitor line -

Young adds Maxwell capacitor line


LONDON — Young Electronics Group, has signed a franchised distribution agreement with San Diego-based Maxwell Technologies, a manufacturer of ultracapacitors/boostcaps.

Young Electronics will stock Maxwell Technologies' full range of ultra-capacitors with ratings from 2F up to 2600F.

Trisha Kirkham, business development manager at Young's, said, “We are absolutely delighted with the opportunities that this new franchise brings. Ultra-capacitors can deliver up to 10 times the power, last 10 times as long as conventional batteries and offer excellent reliability in high and low temperature operation.”

Postage stamp-sized small cell ultra-capacitors can extend battery life and greatly enhance the performance and functionality of hand-held electronic products, remote transmitting devices and many other applications with peak power demands.

Maxwell believes that Young Electronics will provide specialist knowledge that encompasses a strong technical and design-in capability as well as competent commercial understanding.

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