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Zeidman announces special CES pricing for new version of SynthOS


Zeidman Technologies, Inc. has announced a new release of SynthOS, a an improved version of the software development tool that automatically generates an optimized real-time operating system with strengthened security, increased reliability, lower hardware costs, reduced debug time, and minimized memory footprint.

SynthOS generates real-time applications for the Internet of Things (“IoT”), connecting small, inexpensive devices like smart toasters, thermostats, and light bulbs to the Internet. Details of SynthOS are available in this Embedded.com article .

SynthOS automatically synthesizes an application-specific operating system (“ASOS”) based on the applications running on top of it. Semaphores, mutexes, priority flags, task context blocks, message queues, and task mailboxes are all created automatically. The resulting ASOS is optimized for speed and size, and is more secure against malware than an off-the-shelf RTOS.

For all of January, a standalone single license for SynthOS is half the normal price for anyone attending the Consumer Electronics Show.

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