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ZigBee Alliance makes wireless standard more interoperable


San Ramon, Ca. – The ZigBee Alliance this week approved what it calls “comprehensivenew features” that improve interoperability, frequency agility,scalability and automated address management.

The ZigBee specification offers all the wide-ranging featuresreleasedin 2006, and adds new features, giving manufacturers greaterflexibilitywhen designing innovative ZigBee products.

The original set of features published in 2006 is now known as theZigBee Feature Set. The new expanded set of features known as ZigBeePRO maximizes all the capabilities of ZigBee and facilitatesease-of-use and advanced support for larger networks.

According to Bob Heile, chairman of the ZigBee Alliance, the newlyreleased Feature Sets are designed to interoperate with each other,ensuring long-term use and stability.

In addition to new support for scalability, frequency agility andaddress management, the new Feature Sets incorporate the ability todivide longer messages and enables interaction with other protocols andsystems. It also incorporates Group Addressing, useful for optimizingdata traffic on large networks.

Heile said that with the addition of these additional features tothe ZigBeespecification, the Alliance is shifting its attention to developmentefforts facilitating the deployment of the technology for energymanagement and efficiency, specifically in areas like publicapplicationprofiles for advance metering infrastructure (AMI).

Public application profiles, he said, enable end-to-end,multi-vendor interoperable solutions in markets such as AMI, homeautomation, commercial building automation and telecommunications.

A full list of capabilities for both Feature Sets along with aside-by-side comparison can be found on the ZigbeeAlliance download page. Access to theupdated ZigBee specification is available immediately for all members.Free public availability of the new features is scheduled for early2008.

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