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ZigBee eval kit simplifies home and industrial automation apps

A ZigBee development kit makes use of network protocol stacks from Korwin and Luxoft Labs. The Korwin stack is aimed at home automation applications, while the Luxoft Labs stack targets industrial plant monitoring. The kit is available from Jennic, and is based on the company's single chip IEEE802.15.4 device. The kit enables the development of sensor network applications for ZigBee networks based on the transceiver/microcontroller device. It includes a suite of library functions that provide all the elements required to build network products based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard, including device drivers. The typical sensor and control drivers are backed up with example applications to support a star network with central co-ordinator node featuring a large LCD and endpoints. It also incorporates LEDs, push button switches, temperature, humidity, and light sensors. The kit provides a complete, unlimited development environment containing GNU C-compiler, assembler, debugger, device programmer and download tools. For more information, visit www.jennic.com.

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