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ZigBee Experimenter’s Kit makes PC a wireless hub


A Wireless control experimenters kit is now available from z-Point Products that contains everything needed to setup a ZigBee mesh network connected to a PC.

The ZigBee Wireless Control Experimenter's Kit comes as a set of 4 wireless devices plus software for Windows or Linux computers. It includes: 1) two ZigBee “Combo Platter” boards, featuring a wide variety of I/O, with 4 each of Analog Inputs, Relay Outputs, and Digital I/O, plus light and temperature sensors; 2) one ZigBee USB Dongle that plugs into a PC; and 3) one ZigBee Coordinator that plugs into an AC outlet.

Also included are USB and Serial cables, two AC adapters for the I/O boards; and a CD which contains JAVA and Windows programs, along with their source-code

This kit is normally priced at $695. However, for the first 500 customers who order a kit in July, this kit is available for only $495. z-Point Products is taking orders now for deliveries starting in August.

zPoint Products
Vancouver, Canada
888.832.4765 or 604.946.8324

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