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ZigBee over Thread targets IP networking

In a deal that may foreshadow a move toward unity in the Internet of Things, the Thread Group and the ZigBee Alliance will define a spec for running ZigBee’s application layer over Thread. The move will provide hundreds of ZigBee devices a path to a network that natively supports Internet Protocol addresses.

“We want to get away from silos and fragmentation and recognize the importance of the smart home,” said Tobin Richardson, president of the ZigBee Alliance.

“A lot of our members have been asking us what runs over Thread and asking for a version of ZigBee,” said Chris Boross, president of the Thread Group. “Since Thread runs purely at the network layer, we always wanted to partner with others” to reduce fragmentation in protocols, he added.

The specification for running the ZigBee Cluster Library over Thread will be available sometime after June. That’s when the Thread Group releases to its members its Thread version 1.0 spec, announced in July.

The ZigBee-over-Thread spec will be available as a free download. Thread releases its specs royalty-free to members; the ZigBee Alliance allows members to charge reasonable royalties although in practice royalties are not generally asserted.

The move is a somewhat defensive one for the ZigBee community that is expected to lose ground to a variety of IP networks in the smart home. ZigBee was available long before IoT became tech chic, however it lagged the move to 32-bit processors and IP networks.

Market watchers at ABI Research project ZigBee will slip from dominating three-quarters of all 802.15.4 sales this year to less than half by 2019 due to growth in IP-based 6LoWPAN networks. Market watcher On World expects ZigBee will lead so-called fixed wireless sensor networks in homes and buildings through 2018, but it expects multimode chips will emerge supporting 6LoWPAN and Bluetooth as well as ZigBee.

Indeed, the smart home is still attracting more players. The Bluetooth SIG is expected to roll out a version of its spec supporting mesh networking later this year.

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