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ZigBee RF eval kit simplifies wireless control net testing


To make it easier for companies to build Zigbee control networks, Ember Corp. has taken the wraps off its ZigBee RF Evaluation Kit.

The kit is an out-of-box tool for testing the wireless performance of Ember's EM250 and EM260 ZigBee hardware in real-world conditions, indoors or out over a range of performance and verification conditions

The kit is designed to allow developers to evaluate Zigbee nodes for such things as how well do data packets travel between nodes, how far apart can ZigBee nodes be placed in their environments, how will walls, floors and other environmental conditions affect the wireless performance of their applications and what wireless mode provides the best power savings for their application.

The Ember ZigBee RF Evaluation Kit consists of two ZigBee RF Evaluation nodes comprised of a carrier board, RF module with Ember ZigBee chip, antenna and LCD panel. The two nodes can be located anywhere within range to create a point-to-point ZigBee network for testing purposes.

The kit also comes with Ember's InSight Desktop software to provide deeper analysis and debugging capabilities using a laptop PC connected to a node. Users can also hook up a spectrum analyzer to analyze data transmission.

In cases where evaluation leads to product development, the Ember ZigBee RF Evaluation Kit provides a migration path to development on the EM250 platform. All the same hardware and testing data can be re-used as part of the development project.

The Ember ZigBee RF Evaluation Kit will be available in the first quarter of 2007 with a suggested price of $499.

Ember Corp.
Boston, Mass.
(617) 951-0200

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